Why choose CBD gummies over CBD capsules or oils?

The challenge with using CBD oils and capsules is determining the optimal dosage to take. Typically, it’s a process of trial and error starting with the lowest dosage and slowly increasing over time. However, CBD gummies provide pre-measured doses in each gummy, usually 5-25mg. CBD gummies also come in different potencies. Lower potencies of around 5-10mg per gummy are ideal for lighter users or those trying CBD for the first time. Higher 25mg gummies are better suited for more experienced users who need stronger doses to help manage pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep issues, or other health conditions. It makes dosing straightforward regardless of your needs.

Easy to take

Swallowing capsules or measuring out and placing oil droplets under the tongue is difficult and messy, especially on the go. cbd gummies provide all the convenience of chewable candy. You discretely take them anytime, anywhere without the hassle of other products. Keep a pack in your pocket, bag, car, or desk drawer for easy access when CBD relief is needed.

Better tasting

The common complaint of CBD oils and capsules is the strong, earthy taste due to natural hemp flavoring. This taste tends to linger in the mouth, which many people strongly dislike. The flavor and high-fat content of oils also make them difficult to ingest for some. CBD gummies come in a variety of delectable fruity flavors including strawberry, raspberry, lime, orange, and pineapple. They taste much like candy without any hemp aftertaste. The gummies help mask the flavor of CBD extremely well compared to other formats, providing an enjoyable experience.

Fun and versatility

Gummies provide versatility in dosing and flavors, which simply makes them more fun. Oils and capsules remain rather clinical and business-like. CBD gummies improve your mood while also offering relief and relaxation, especially when facing stress or anxiety. Their appearance and variety of choices also bring some light-heartedness to taking CBD daily.

Better absorption

How well your body can access and utilize CBD, known as bioavailability, matters as much as dosage. CBD gummies may provide superior absorption compared to oils and capsules. When ingesting CBD orally, the compound must pass through the digestive system. While most are absorbed well, the process creates what’s known as the “first pass effect” where enzymes in the liver render some CBD inactive before entering the bloodstream, reducing potency.

Gummies are retained in the mouth for some time as they are chewed, allowing CBD to enter the bloodstream sublingually through the gums and tissue under the tongue. Sublingual absorption avoids the first-pass effect, and gummies release CBD gradually. By the time you finish chewing, a significant portion of CBD has been absorbed directly without going through the liver first.

Studies are still limited but indicate oral CBD has a bioavailability rate of around 13-19%, while sublingual administration has a bioavailability of 12-35%. By combining oral ingestion and sublingual absorption, CBD gummies optimize delivery for better, longer-lasting relief compared to other formats consumed entirely by mouth or sublingually.

Right choice for you

CBD gummies offer a pleasurable way to get all the potential health and wellness benefits of CBD in convenient doses. Compared to capsules, gummies tend to provide better absorption and dosage precision. However, oils and capsules do enter the body quicker and allow easy customization of doses. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Try out the different formats. You may even want to incorporate multiple product types depending on the situation. A little experimentation will make clear what method best supports your wellness routine.

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