What is IPL Treatment and Who Should Take It?

Many people have intense skin issues with freckles, birthmarks, spots, varicose veins, and in-grown hairs at different parts. However, not all treatments are safe for every skin. But to solve that problem, doctors have come up with IPL laser treatment or otherwise known as photo facial treatment. This solves skin irritation and discoloration issues with ease without damaging the skin.

What is IPL treatment?

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light which is quite similar to general laser treatment. Designed to serve extensive therapeutic and aesthetic purposes, this treatment has created a buzz in the skin and beauty industry. The only difference between general laser treatment and IPL treatment is that the former uses a single wavelength of light to treat skin defects. On the contrary, IPL releases light of different wavelengths depending on the skin quality and curvature, which provides better results. Moreover, IPL penetrates up to two layers of the skin and expertly removes hairs, blemishes, marks, and other issues.

Who should take IPL treatment?

Skin treatments like IPL are not recommended for everybody although anyone is free to take it. Some candidates prove to be the best for this treatment and get 100% results with nil or minimal side effects. On the flip side, people having dark skin tones are not recommended to take this treatment since it can cause pigmentation. Apart from them, people having keloid scars (excess collagen scars) are not recommended this treatment. 

Whatever the case is, one should always consult a skin doctor or skin care expert before jumping into any treatment. 

Here are some common issues that can be treated with IPL treatment:

  • Sunspots
  • Age spots
  • Freckles (red blemishes)
  • Vascular redness
  • Broken blood vessels under the skin
  • Hormonal skin discoloration or pigmentation
  • Acne spots 
  • Rosacea (flushing blood vessels)
  • In-grown hair on neck, chest, or other parts

What is the IPL procedure?

Just like in simple laser treatment, in IPL treatment, a handheld pen-like machine is used that shoots broad spectrum light into the affected area. In general, the treatment is not very painful but you might need an anesthetic to deal with any irritation. Since this treatment does not include incisions or surgery, it is safe in itself. However, for the next few days after the treatment, you need to handle the treated area with care.

IPL laser treatment at Clinique Anti Aging can be your answer to all your skin troubles.

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