What Is Ahcccs? 

AHCCCS stands for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. It is a Medicaid agency based in Arizona. AHCCCS provides an array of government-funded insurance programs which are meant for the residents of Arizona. A resident of Arizona is eligible to apply for insurance programs if s/he meets the criteria of age, income, and disability requirements.  

AHCCCS offers low-cost insurance plans to avail of insurance services for mental illnesses and drug rehab. AHCCCS incorporate services such as costs for doctor’s visit, hospital services, lab reports, immunization, etc. As we all know, billions of lives suffer from addiction, and mental illnesses have somehow taken a toll on the minds of people. All the insurance plans of AHCCCS  cover the expenses of mental illnesses and drug rehab programs. 

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Insurance 

Addiction to any substance is fatal. All the insurance plans and policies involve insurance for drug rehab. AHCCCS provides the insurance cost for drug rehab, which includes the cost of medical detox, inpatient residential treatment, psychotherapy, skill training, management, employment support, and psychoeducational services.

With the insurance of AHCCCS, you can avail of the services at a lower cost. All the rehab programs are accessible and affordable. AHCCCS residential treatment center are established all over the world to provide inpatient rehab treatment to patients. 

Main Areas of Care Involved in the Insurance of AHCCCS 

  • Opioid Treatment Programs 
  • Office Treatment Programs 
  • Peer Support programs 
  • Opioid Treatment Program: 

Opioid treatment program (OTP) is the insurance service that approves all the kinds of medication and techniques to be used for addiction treatment. These medications and services play a key role in medical detox programs. 

  • Office Treatment Programs: 

Office treatment programs allow patients to receive prescribed medication from certified physicians. These programs focus on referral counseling programs. 

  • Peer Support Programs: 

Support groups have now become very prominent in the fight to deal with addiction and mental illness. In this program, individuals receive long-term support care and peer resources, and psychotherapy for maintaining a sober living. 

Rehab might be expensive, but with the help of insurance plans of AHCCCS, you can avail resources for the treatments.

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