Most effective yoga for increasing height

Are you looking for a risk-free way to increase your height by a few centimeters? Then stop searching because yoga is a holistic discipline that can offer you a way to heighten your stature. Fitness expert reveals the top exercises to increase height.

Fitness professionals maintain that performing specific Yoga asanas is unquestionably one way to charge these hormones and get them working for you. Yoga is known to increase your growth hormone. Yoga asanas are physical poses with breathing that require flexibility, strength, stamina, and balance, and when you practice them repeatedly, they can prove to be very beneficial in increasing your height as well. Yoga can provide countless benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

Yoga improves posture and is the top exercise for height gain. In addition to postures, pranayama, or deep breathing exercises, is another important factor that stimulates the growth hormone. When used before, during, or after yoga asana practice, pranayama is an efficient way to relax the body and can help both children and adults grow taller.

Yoga for increasing height:

  1. Samasthithi/tadasana 

Keep your shoulders relaxed and your abdominal muscles contracted. Stay and breathe for 5-8 breaths in this position. Pay attention to evenly distribute your weight between both feet. To maintain a tall, strong posture, this asana can be of tremendous assistance.

  1. Paschimottanasana – seated forward bend

Extend your legs forward, keeping your knees slightly bent. Extend your legs backward. Keep your spine upright while extending your arms upward. By bending forward at the hips while exhaling, you can place your upper body on your lower body. Try to hold your big toes with your fingers, or if that’s impossible, hold any other accessible part.

  1. Hand-to-foot pose (padahasthasana)

Method: Beginning in Samasthithi, slowly exhale while bending your upper body down from the hips. Bring your nose to your knees while extending your arms downward with your palms or fingertips. You can place your palms on either side of your feet. At first, bend your knees as comfortably as possible. You should attempt to straighten your knees and bring your chest to your thighs with more practice.

  1. Wheel Pose in Chakrasana

Method: Because this is a back bend, be sure to warm up properly. Beginning on your back, fold your legs so that your feet are firmly planted on the mat. Your palms should be on the ground just below your ears as you turn your arms at the shoulders. Now take a deep breath in while raising your body. Allow your head to drop back and maintain a relaxed neck.

  1. Bow Pose (dhanurasana)

Method: Lie on your stomach with your knees bent and parallel to each other. Now, grasp your ankles firmly with your palms. As high as you can, raise your arms and legs. Hold the pose while looking up for a while.

Yoga – A Life Enhancer 

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