7 Factors Responsible for Slow Hair Growth

In your hair growth journey, you can sometimes notice your hair growth rate is slow and becomes fast later. Many factors are included behind this slow and fast hair growth. For example, deficiency of nutrients, hair styling with heating tools, stress, genetics, age, etc. You can use one of the best hair growth products to get faster hair growth.

Here, this blog will discuss the reasons behind slow hair growth. Before jumping into any section, you must be familiar with the hair growth cycle to identify your hair growth pattern.

What is Hair Growth Cycle

Generally, hair growth is based on 3 phases: anagen: the growth phase, catagen: the transform phase; and telogen: the pause phase. All these phases together are called the hair growth cycle.

Anagen Phase: the Growth Phase

The anagen is the crucial phase of the hair growth process. This hair-growth phase can stay between 3-7 years; during this phase, your hair growth can increase up to 90%. As age increases, gradually the percentage of hair growth reduces.

Catagen Phase: the Transform Phase

This catagen phase is called the transform phase, which means only 3% of hairs are present in this phase. This catagen phase only lasts about 2-4 weeks. During this phase, your hair growth stops, and the outer layer of the roots shrinks & connected to the hair follicles.

Telogen Phase: the Pause Phase

The telogen phase is considered to be the resting phase. Generally, 6-8% of hairs are present during the telogen phase. This phase lasts 100 days for hair on the scalp and more than that for the eyebrows, lashes, hands, and arms. The hair cuticles are entirely formed and resting during this telogen phase.

Seven reasons: Responsible for Slow Hair Growth

1.    High Stress Level

A stressful lifestyle is connected with your hair growth process. Anxiety and stress can be a reason for excessive hair fall, and that leads to slow hair growth. Also, anxiety can turn your hair follicles into a resting phase, so your hair cannot grow new strands. You can search the MD Factor website for the best shampoo for hair thinning. Here, you can get a massive collection of hair care and skin care products suitable for all skin and hair types.

2.    Poor Diet

The excessive consumption of sugar and fat can affect your health and hair growth phase too. A deficiency of protein, vitamins, and essential fatty acids can be a reason for excessive hair loss and slow growth. Besides this, a poor diet may impact your hair texture and decrease your hair growth rate. You can avoid refined carbs, greasy food, and carbonated drinks to grow your hair faster.

3.    Smoking Can Affect Hair Growth

Smoking can be dangerous for your health along with hair growth. Smoking can reduce blood circulation to the body, which means your hair and hair cuticles are not getting enough oxygen to produce new hair strands. Also, it can cause harmful effects on DNA that might impact the hair follicles, leading to slow hair growth.

4.    Lack of Vitamins and Mineral

A deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body can slow hair growth. Lack of a few essential nutrients is able to stop your hair growth. For example, low vitamin D in the body can slow hair growth. A deficiency of zinc can be a reason for hair loss, and the shortage of vitamin B and biotin in your body can damage your hair texture. You can fulfill the required amount of nutrients by adding one of the best hair growth products to your hair care regime.

5.    Using Heating Tools for Styling

Flat iron, curling, and straightening tools can burn your weak hair strands & stop hair growth. Also, these heating tools can make your hair dull, rough, and brittle. Repeatedly breaking hair can lead to slow hair growth. Apply heat protector spray before styling your hair; it can be the safest choice to promote faster hair growth.

6.    Split Ends Responsible for Slow Hair Growth

Not getting enough nourishment and hydration leads to dry hair, which can be a reason for split ends and dull hair. Split ends can increase hair breakage, which is the leading cause of getting a haircut or trim. This way, your hair growth process can be slower than average hair growth. In simple words, split ends can not stop your hair growth, but they can lead to a slow hair growth.

7.    A dry Scalp Can Decrease Hair Growth

Dry and roughness can be considered as damage to hair texture. Frequently washing your hair with chemical-based shampoo can remove natural oil from the scalp and make it dry and flaky. Also, the deficiency of hydration in the scalp reduces blood circulation, which means your hair follicles are not getting enough oxygen levels that help to activate hair follicles and promote faster hair growth.

Wrapping Up!

If you are looking for a solution that helps to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth simultaneously, you can try the best shampoo for hair thinning to keep your hair healthy and lively. Also, you can visit the MD Factor website to get an exciting range of hair care and skin care products that might benefit your hair growth phase.

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